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Do you have more information on the Aerobin 200, 91830

Aerobin 200,91830

•Capacity 55 Gallons

•20 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 46 inches hight

•Insulated side walls and lid for year round operations to retain heat generated by the composting process

•Aeration lung 

•Base and leachate tank (for compost tea)

•No turning or agitating the compost

•High operating temperatures to kill weeds and pathogens

•Vermin resistant

• No tools required

•Place Aerobin onto a level and solid foundation –not lawn

•Item weight 30 pounds

•Shipping weight 33.6

•Shipped in  box

Made in India


Aerobin is designed based on how the nature decomposes the organic waste with oxygen in presence, forest bed is a perfect example, people always smell earthy and soil smell instead of the odorous smell which normally happens in our rubbish bin. The key difference between two situation is because of oxygen. So how Aerobin gets air from outside into Aerobin and also ensure the air can continuously circulate within the Aerobin?

We achieved this based on the chimney affect (hot air raises). In other words, when the biomass in the process of composting, the temperature inside of an Aerobin will be hotter than outside. So the cooler air will be naturally drawn into the bin through the base and the centre lung and naturally hot air rises to the top through the biomass. This is how Aerobin can claim composting does not require extra human intervention such as turning or mixing the compost with new material at a regular basis. Simply put balanced organic waste in and harvest fror the bottom section of Aerobin;s two access doorsm the bottom section of Aerobin’s two access doors.

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