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What are the types of sweet corn?

Here are the types of sweet corn we carry:

Normal Sugary (SU): 

  • Tolerates cooler soils
  • Shorter shelf life
  •  Tender kernels
  •  No isolation needed (easiest to grow)

Sugar Enhanced (SE):

  •  Higher sugar
  • Tender kernels
  • ,Last one week in the fridge,
  •  No isolation needed 

Synergistic (SY): 

  • Combines SE and Sh2 traits 
  • Deliciously tender high sugar kernels 
  • No isolation needed 

Supersweet Hybrids (Sh2):

  •  highest sugar
  • Lasts 4-6 days in the fridge,
  • Must be isolated from all other types of corn by 100 feet
  • Requires a warmer soil and should be started later

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