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Due to overnight temperatures forecasted this week at our central Pennsylvania greenhouse, we will have to move out the shipping date for your brassica plants to ensure their health on their shipping journey. Your brassica plants will now be shipping out beginning the week of 2/26/2023. We sincerely apologize for this delay. Fortunately, your brassicas can be planted as soon as you receive them this season and you can rest assured that they will thrive in your garden.

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Why did my Echinacea flowers turn green and are deformed?

Sounds like a viral-like disease cause by a phytoplasma called Aster Yellows

  •     Aster yellows is usually transmitted by leafhoppers as they feed from plant to plant.  
  •    There is no cure for Aster Yellows
    • Dig up the plant up roots and all.
    • Place in a plastic bag and throw out: do not compost
    • Treat all plants for leafhoppers (your county extension service will give you the best recommendation)
    • Check all plants in the area for an deformity in the flowers and leaves and throw out
  • Aster Yellows can infect many flowers like :aster, Echinacea , zinnia, marigold, Chrysanthemum petunias and snapdragon
  • Aster Yellows can also infect vegetables such as: carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and celery.

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