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Why did my Echinacea flowers turn green and are deformed?

Sounds like a viral-like disease cause by a phytoplasma called Aster Yellows

  •     Aster yellows is usually transmitted by leafhoppers as they feed from plant to plant.  
  •    There is no cure for Aster Yellows
    • Dig up the plant up roots and all.
    • Place in a plastic bag and throw out: do not compost
    • Treat all plants for leafhoppers (your county extension service will give you the best recommendation)
    • Check all plants in the area for an deformity in the flowers and leaves and throw out
  • Aster Yellows can infect many flowers like :aster, Echinacea , zinnia, marigold, Chrysanthemum petunias and snapdragon
  • Aster Yellows can also infect vegetables such as: carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and celery.

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