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Team Member Spotlight - Archived

Amy - Customer Service Team

My 7 year old son's favorite movie is Ratatouille so I thought if we grew the vegetables and made it the actual recipe he might eat some vegetables.  He loves to chop the veggies and cook with me.  We even made it a Theme Night.  After we were done cooking, we watched the movie together.   I would highly recommend growing veggies with your kids, they might even eat them.

Donna - Customer Service Team

In addition to traditional Red Tomatoes, Burpee offers many non-traditional varieties.


This year I grew Midnight Snack Hybrid tomatoes.  They are delicious!!!

Shannon - Customer Service Team

Echinacea, Sombrero Salsa Red


I fell in love with this Echinacea at our trial garden at our farm. I knew that I had to get this plant for my garden.  It is a small compact plant that does well in heat and drought conditions. This plant continues to grow all summer long.

Travis - Amazon Team



I absolutely love the Cleome flowers at Burpee!  They are so robust and beautiful and they bring me so much joy.  They make our home and walkway feel like a hidden oasis.  When I come home the bees are butterflies are all around.  I also love the way they sway in the wind.


We have about 50 of these in our front and back yard and hands down they are our favorite flower.  They bring our family so much joy.

Kimberly - Customer Service Team

This spitfire coleus has been an absolute joy for us to grow this year! I received the plant in May 2022 and found a perfect part-shade, part-sun location for it on our front porch. We have enjoyed watching it grow and really love the unique color combination and leaf shape. Just when we thought the plant would be done for the season – to our surprise the vibrant fuchsia-pink part of the leaves deepened to a royal purplish-maroon while the outer part of the leaves mellowed to a delightfully deeper lime green. Highly recommend! 

Maureen - Customer Service Team

Peaches and Cream Corn


Corn is one of my favorite vegetables and we have tried many different varieties without much success due to soil temperature requirements for corn to be successful. Finally, after germination rates were sporadic and yield minimal after many attempts, we tried Peaches and Cream Corn. We continue to be amazed at the fantastic germination rate of this corn as well as the sweet bicolor corn it produces. If you are looking for a great tasting corn for your garden, Peaches and Cream is highly recommended.  You will not be disappointed!

Cory - Customer Service Team

Mandarin Orange Cosmos and Double Zahara Salmon Zinnia

I used them in a hanging basket and as a border flower with great success. Both flowers were vibrant in color, great pollinators and were easy to grow as a direct sow seed. I would highly recommend both of these to add a pop of color to your garden.


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