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What tips do you have for seed starting?

  1. Many plants take such a long time to grow that they should be started indoors to save time.
  2. The seed packets have a lot of information you will need.
    1.  How to plant
    2. When to start
    3. How deep to plant
    4. How long it takes for seedlings to emerge
    5. When to thin seedlings
    6. How far apart to thin seedlings
  3. Each seed has a different start time because they have different needs.
  4. When to start is determined by the Average Last Frost Date.
    1. It is the average date the last frost occurs in the spring.
    2. This date is different for everyplace in the country.
  5. If your average last frost date is May 1st, for example, you would start your seeds 6-8 weeks before that date or between March 1st and March 15th.
  6. Seedlings are very fragile and should be started in small pots or cells.
  7. You should only use seed starting soil or coir.
  8. To save space, plant 2 seeds per cell.
    1. Follow the packet on when and how to thin the seedlings once they emerge.
    2. Once sprouted cut (not pull) out the weaker plant so you have one strong plant per cell
  9. Keep the soil evenly moist, but not wet.
  10. If using a grow kit and/or heat mat, remove them both once 50% of the seeds have germinated.
  11. Seedlings need a full sun window.  A south or southwest facing window can provide enough light
    1. If there is not enough direct sunlight, supplemental artificial light must be used.
    2. Seedlings need 16 hours of light and 8 hours of dark

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