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What seed starting accessories do you recommend?

Growing Systems

  • Ultimate Growing Systems
    • Contains one tray (to catch water), planting trays, two stands, one self-watering mat, one clear dome, six labels, coir pellets and 2 plant-o-grams. Available as either 72 cells for small plants or 32 cells for larger plants.
  • Greenhouse Kits
    • Contains one tray (to catch water), one clear plastic dome, planting tray, coir pellets and two plant-o-grams. Available as either 72 cells for small plants or 36 cells for larger plants. 
  • Superseed Kits
    • Contains one tray and one reusable silicone bottom tray. These do not have a dome or coir pellets.

Seed Starting Soil

  • Seed Starting soil is lighter than potting soil. It is the best to use when starting seeds indoors.
  • Our seed starting mix (SKU 99513) is OMRI listed and is good for organic gardeners. It does contain fertilizer.
  • Organic Coconut Coir Bricks (SKU 90728) is compressed coir. It does not contain fertilizer, so you should add fertilizer when the seedlings have 4 true leaves.
  • Pellets contain a starter fertilizer and are not OMRI listed. You should fertilize after 4-6 weeks.

Heat Mats

  • Many seeds benefit from bottom heat to germinate more quickly.
  • Heat mats should remain on for 24 hours until the seeds have germinated.
  • Remove the mat when 50% of the seeds have germinated.
  • Heat mats raise the temperature 10-20 degrees above the air temperature.
  • Our heat mats are UL approved.

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