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What would you recommend for a discontinued item?

Discontinued ItemClosest Current ItemSKU
Overture CabbageEarliana Cabbage62729A
Crave Strawberry CalibrachoaCan-Can Bumblebee Pink22862
Gold Standard CucumberSweet Success51102A
Fan Dance LettuceWhite Paris50351A
Chameleon MarigoldHappy Days30475A
Biker Billy PepperJalapeno M62687A
Green Tiger ZucchiniN/A
Riesentraube TomatoFourth of July52936A
Bonanza BroccoliCalabrese53085A
Golden Mama TomatoMaglia Rose55345A
Sweet Seedless TomatoN/AN/
Nikita PepperGolden Giant54189A
Red Pro CageGreen Pro99909G
Beananza BeanMascotte51970A
Supertasty TomatoCelebrity60996A
Red Dragon ArugulaSelvatica60479A
Salmon Red AsterN/AN/A
Plenty BasilPesto Party55370A
Bonanza Bush BeanMascotte51970A
Purple Podded Pole BeanPurple King61240A
Prevail Bush BeanProvider60650A
Mono Round Red BeetsMoulin Rouge50905A
Summer Gown NasturtiumN/AN/A
Gold Nuggets BidensStar Dancer23810
Apollo Hybrid BrokaliN/AN/A
Cherry Swirl California PoppyWatermelon Heaven38135A
Prestige Scarlet CelosiaN/A
Suntava Full Season Purple CornN/AN/A
Kandy Korn CornEarly Sunglow62331A
Sugar Crunch CucumberSweet Success51102A
Brown Russian CucumberN/AN/A
Blue Bedder EchiumN/AN/A
Silverdrop EucalyptusN/AN/A
Apple GourdN/AN/A
Summerlong BasilN/AN/A
Hummingbird Mix IpomopsisN/A
Blue Solaise LeekDawn Giant63388A
Salad Bowl LettuceGreen Ice52977A
EZ Serve LettuceLittle Gem52324A
Prizeleaf LettuceRed Salad Bowl52845A
Big Mama Lima BeanN/A
Endurance Mixed Color MarigoldHappy Days30478A
Primrose Lady MarigoldClimax Mixed Colors44461A
Endurance Orange MarigoldHappy Days30478A
Bella Tuscana MelonSugar Cube57835A
Cotton Candy Morning GloryN/AN/A
Baby Rose NasturtiumTroika Red46765A
Baby Blue Eyes NemophilaN/AN/A
Red Velvet OkraBurgundy53225A
Green Pearl Parsley
Double Curled60169A
Mammoth Melting Sugar PeaSnow Max54510A
Shebang PeaSugar Flesh58910A
Peas In-A-Pot PeaEasy Peasy62405A
Magnolia Blossom PeaSugar Magnolia64765A
Gold Standard PepperGolden Giant II54189A
Cappuccino PetuniaN/AN/A
Shock Wave Coconut PetuniaSupercascade White37697A
Antique Shades PetuniaBlink32010A
Baby Wrinkles PumpkinEarly Sweet Sugar Pie52285A
Little Becka SunflowerFire Catcher39165A
Pristine SunflowerFun N Sun31430A
Procut Plum SunflowerN/AN/A
Green Zebra TomatoN/AN/A
Omar's Lebanese TomatoBrandywine Pink50062A
Razzle Dazzle TomatoN/AN/A
Steakhouse (Organic) TomatoSteakhouse regular69030A
Sweet SeedlessN/A
Moon and Stars WatermelonBlacktail Mountain53535A
Garnet Treasure ZinniaExquisite34285A
Gold Treasure ZinniaN/AN/A

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