Zone 8 Brassicas:

Due to overnight temperatures forecasted this week at our central Pennsylvania greenhouse, we will have to move out the shipping date for your brassica plants to ensure their health on their shipping journey. Your brassica plants will now be shipping out beginning the week of 2/26/2023. We sincerely apologize for this delay. Fortunately, your brassicas can be planted as soon as you receive them this season and you can rest assured that they will thrive in your garden.

We can be reached at 1-800-888-1447 or email us by submitting a ticket.

Our customer service team is now open at the below hours:

Monday to Thursday - 8:30 AM EST to 8 PM EST

Friday - 8:30 AM EST to 7 PM EST

Saturday - 9 AM EST to 5 PM EST

Sunday - 10 AM EST - 5 PM EST

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Discontinued ItemClosest Current ItemSKU
Overture CabbageEarliana Cabbage62729A
Crave Strawberry CalibrachoaCan-Can Bumblebee Pink22862
Gold Standard CucumberSweet Success51102A
Fan Dance LettuceWhite Paris50351A
Chameleon MarigoldHappy Days30475A
Biker Billy PepperJalapeno M62687A
Green Tiger ZucchiniN/A
Riesentraube TomatoFourth of July52936A
Bonanza BroccoliCalabrese53085A
Golden Mama TomatoMaglia Rose55345A
Sweet Seedless TomatoN/AN/
Nikita PepperGolden Giant54189A
Red Pro CageGreen Pro99909G
Beananza BeanMascotte51970A
Supertasty TomatoCelebrity60996A
Red Dragon ArugulaSelvatica60479A
Salmon Red AsterN/AN/A
Plenty BasilPesto Party55370A
Bonanza Bush BeanMascotte51970A
Purple Podded Pole BeanPurple King61240A
Prevail Bush BeanProvider60650A
Mono Round Red BeetsMoulin Rouge50905A
Summer Gown NasturtiumN/AN/A
Gold Nuggets BidensStar Dancer23810
Apollo Hybrid BrokaliN/AN/A
Cherry Swirl California PoppyWatermelon Heaven38135A
Prestige Scarlet CelosiaN/A
Suntava Full Season Purple CornN/AN/A
Kandy Korn CornEarly Sunglow62331A
Sugar Crunch CucumberSweet Success51102A
Brown Russian CucumberN/AN/A
Blue Bedder EchiumN/AN/A
Silverdrop EucalyptusN/AN/A
Apple GourdN/AN/A
Summerlong BasilN/AN/A
Hummingbird Mix IpomopsisN/A
Blue Solaise LeekDawn Giant63388A
Salad Bowl LettuceGreen Ice52977A
EZ Serve LettuceLittle Gem52324A
Prizeleaf LettuceRed Salad Bowl52845A
Big Mama Lima BeanN/A
Endurance Mixed Color MarigoldHappy Days30478A
Primrose Lady MarigoldClimax Mixed Colors44461A
Endurance Orange MarigoldHappy Days30478A
Bella Tuscana MelonSugar Cube57835A
Cotton Candy Morning GloryN/AN/A
Baby Rose NasturtiumTroika Red46765A
Baby Blue Eyes NemophilaN/AN/A
Red Velvet OkraBurgundy53225A
Green Pearl Parsley
Double Curled60169A
Mammoth Melting Sugar PeaSnow Max54510A
Shebang PeaSugar Flesh58910A
Peas In-A-Pot PeaEasy Peasy62405A
Magnolia Blossom PeaSugar Magnolia64765A
Gold Standard PepperGolden Giant II54189A
Cappuccino PetuniaN/AN/A
Shock Wave Coconut PetuniaSupercascade White37697A
Antique Shades PetuniaBlink32010A
Baby Wrinkles PumpkinEarly Sweet Sugar Pie52285A
Little Becka SunflowerFire Catcher39165A
Pristine SunflowerFun N Sun31430A
Procut Plum SunflowerN/AN/A
Green Zebra TomatoN/AN/A
Omar's Lebanese TomatoBrandywine Pink50062A
Razzle Dazzle TomatoN/AN/A
Steakhouse (Organic) TomatoSteakhouse regular69030A
Sweet SeedlessN/A
Moon and Stars WatermelonBlacktail Mountain53535A
Garnet Treasure ZinniaExquisite34285A
Gold Treasure ZinniaN/AN/A

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