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What should I do when my potted annuals arrive?

It’s natural for plants to appear dry, wilted, or have yellow leaves, especially if they have been delayed in shipping. Nearly all plants will grow well if you perform the following procedure: 

  • Remove plants from shipping box. 
  • Add 1–2 oz. of lukewarm water to each cell and let them sit indoors for 24–48 hours to recover from shipping. 
  • Before planting, plants need to be “hardened off” for a week. Gradually accustom them to outdoor growing conditions by exposing them to their final planting locations for a few hours more each day. 

The ideal temperature for transplanting is about 65–70°F. If it is necessary to delay planting, you can store plants in a cool (60–65°F) environment for up to 10 days. Make sure roots do not dry out and be careful not to overwater.

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