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Do you have any tips for planting fall bulbs?

Planting times have a wide range, from early fall until the ground freezes. Try to plant at least six weeks before the ground freezes to allow for maximum root growth. 

  • Plant bulbs only in well drained garden locations. 
  • Bulb tip should always point upward, flat side down. 
  • Consider planting bulbs in masses and drifts for greater impact. 
  • For smaller bulbs, dig one large hole and drop bulbs in; you do not have to dig an individual hole for each bulb. 
  • Layer bulbs for dramatic impact: plant large bulbs more deeply and smaller bulbs more shallowly. 
  • After planting, mulch 1–3" for added winter protection. 
  • Bulbs do not need a lot of fertilizer: mix in a light application of bone meal at planting time. 
  • For larger bulbs, apply a repeat application of bone meal after flowering. Larger bulbs produce larger flowers next year. 
  • In spring after flowering, do not cut the foliage off — the foliage is part of the perennial growth cycle. Allow it to die back naturally. Do not braid daffodil foliage.

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