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Do you have a quick reference for roses?

Yes, we do! Please see the below chart:



NameItem #ZoneColorTypeBloom SizeHeightSpreadGraftedBare root or PottedContainerFragrantDisease ResistantNotes
Apricot Drift282734-11apricotGround cover1.5"18"30"no4" potyesnoneyesground cover,30-35 petal
Blushing Knock Out282815-11pinkShrub3"3-4'3-4'yesBRnoslightyesup to 25 petals, bloom in part sun
Carding Mill270255-10pink/ apricotEnglish Shrub4-5"3-4'3-4'yesBRnomyrrhyes80 petals, grade 1.5
Charlotte270265-9yellowEnglish Shrub4-5"3-4'2-3'yesBRyesstrong teayes100 petals grade 1.5
Coral Drift282744-11coralGround cover1.5"18"30"noBRyesnoneyes30-35 petals
Desdemona227966-9pink/ whiteEnglish Shrub2-3.5"3-4'3-4'yesBRyesstrong teano52 Petals, grade 1.5
Double Knock Out282825-11pinkShrub3"3-4'3-4'yesBRnononeyes18-25 petals
Flavorette Honey-Apricot236094-8ApricotShrub
4" pot

Graham Thomas022715-9yellowEnglish Climber2.5-3.5"10'4'yesBRnostrong teayes35 petals, shorter up north
Knock Out282835-11pinkShrub3"3-4'3-4'yesBRnonoeyesyp  to 25 petals
Lady of Shalott216025-10apricot/ yellowEnglish Shrub2-3"4'3'yesBRnomoderateyes60 petals, tolerates poor soil, easy to grow
Lichfield Angel216955-9apricotEnglish Shrub4"4'3'yesBRnolight cloveno110 petals, grade 1.5, good for poor soil
Molineux261985-9yellowEnglish Shrub4-5"3'2'noBRnotea roseyes120 petals, tolerate poor soil, grade 1
Munstead Wood270295-9crimsonEnglish Shrub3-4"3-4'2-3'yesBRyesold roseno74 petals, grade 1.5
Olivia Rose Austin270245-9pinkEnglish Shrub3"4'3'yesBRyesstrong fruityyes90 petals, grade 1.5
Oso Easy Double Red225685-9redShrub2-3"3-4'3-4'no4" potnononeyes20 petals salt tolerant, no dead heading
Oso Easy Italian Ice229554-9yellow/ pinkShrub2"18-30"18-30"no4" potyeslight yes24-30 petals, no dead heading
Peach Drift282754-11peachGround cover1.5"18"24"noBRYesnoneyes20 petals  no dead heading
Pink Double Knock Out282845-11pinkShrub3"3-4'3-4'yesBRnononeyes18-25 petals
Poet's Wife227976-9yellowEnglish Shrub3-5"4'4'yesBRyeslemonyyes77 petals, grade 1.5
Popcorn Drift282775-11yellowGround cover1.5"18"30"noBRyesnoneyes15-20 petals 
Queen of Sweden216995-9apricot/ pinkEnglish Shrub4"4'2'noBRno myrrhyes140 petals, ideal for poor soil, grade 1
Red Drift282784-11redGround cover1.5"18"30"noBRnononeyes18-25 petals
Roald Dahl255295-9peachEnglish Shrub2-3.5"4'4'yesBRnotea roseyes55 petals grade 1.5
Sunny Knock Out282864-11yellowShrub3"3-4'3-4'noBRnononeyes5-7 petals
Sweet Drift282794-11pinkGround cover1.5"18"30"noBRyesnoneyes30-35 petals
Tranquility270275-9whiteEnglish Shrub4-5"3-4'3-4'yesBRnolight appleyes110 petals, grade 1.5, good for poor soil
White Drift282805-11WhiteGround cover1.5"18"30"noBRnoNoneyes20-25 petals

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