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What should I do when my potted perennial arrives?

Your perennials may be actively growing, in flower or without tops. Regardless, your Burpee perennials are living plants and should be planted in the garden as soon as possible, even if you still expect frosts. Do not be alarmed if the plant does not seem to show visible signs of growth. When you remove the plant from the pot, you will see a healthy root system and crown. 

  • Immediately water any plants that look dry. 
  • Plants that are actively growing (in leaf), should be transitioned into the garden. Give them several days outdoors in a partially shaded area away from direct sun. 
  • Not ready to plant yet? Keep potted plants outside in a partly shaded site. Make sure soil and roots do not dry out. Plant within a couple of weeks from arrival for best results.

Spring Arrival: All Burpee perennial plants have been nurtured and overwintered by our growers at the Burpee nursery. This provides you with a more mature plant with a fully developed root system. All plants are garden ready and most will flower this gardening season. 

Fall Arrival: Shipped in various stages of growth, your plants will soon go into winter dormancy. The cool air and warm soil of autumn are ideal for growing vigorous, healthy root systems. By planting now, your garden will be full of robust plants and colorful blooms beginning next year. 

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