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Do you have a quick reference for peas?

Yes, we do! Please see the below chart:


SKUVarietyTypeDTMPod SizePea CountSupportHeightContainersNotes
55635ABend and SnapSnap70-753"NAYes45-50"No
64795ABlue Bantam DwarfShelling77-803-4"8Yes36-42"NoHeirloom
62224ABurpeeana EarlyShelling633"8-10Yes2'No
68345ABurpeanna Early Organic

62405AEasy PeasyShelling60-653"10-11No28-32"Yes
65630AFirst 13Shelling60-654-5"9-13Yes3-4'No
66761AGarden SweetShelling60-65 3-4"9-10Yes28-32"No20-30% sweeter, longer
63951ALincolnShelling624-5"6-9Yes24-30"NoHeat and wilt tolerant Heirloom
50124ALittle Snap Pea CrunchSnap58-602-3"NANo28-32"Yes
60183AMammoth Melting Sugar

51920AMasterpieceShelling24-604"6-8No28-32"YesEdible tendrils
53744AOregon Sugar Pod llSnow684-5"NAYes28"YesResistant to pea virus, wilt, powdery mildew 
63755APeas in a Pot

51940APurple PoddedShelling55-602-3"5-7Yes4'NoPurple pods


62077ASugar Daddy

60685ASugar Daddy OrganicSnap60-653"NAYes24-30"NoResistant to pea leaf roll virus, powdery mildew
58910ASugar FlashSnap68-703"NAYes30"NoPowdery mildew resistant
64765ASugar MagnoliaSnap703"NAYes6-7'NoPurple pods, edible tendrils
52820ASugar PrinceSnap68-703-4"NAYes26-30"NoDisease resistant
52605ASugar SnapSnap703"NAYes4-6'NoThe original snap pea
55244ASuper SnappySnap655-6"8-10No28-32"YesPowdery mildew resistant
53512ASuper Sugar SnapSnap643-5"NAYes5-6'NoDisease-resistant
62265AWando Shelling683-4"7-8Yes2-3'NoHeat and cold tolerance65626

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