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Do you have a fruit plant quick reference chart?

 Yes, we do! Please see the below chart:

Apple2 yr1Bare root3-4'3-4 yr5-7 yrYesYes2 different varieties 
Apricot1 yr1Bare root3-4'3-4 yr5-7 yrYesNo
Aronia (Chokeberry)1 yr1Bare root12-18"2 yr4 yrNoNoShrubby plant
Blackberry2 yr5Bare root12-16"2 yr3 yrNoNoIsolate from raspberry
Blackberry2 yr14" pot4-6"2 yr3 yrNoNoIsolate from raspberry
Blueberry2 yr2Bare root9-12"2 yr5 yrNoYesNeeds pH of 5.5; 2 diff variety
Blueberry1 yr14" pot4-6"2 yr5 yrNoYesNeeds pH of 5.5; 2 diff variety
Citris2 yr1Gallon6-12"1-2yr5-7 yrNoNoIf grown inside needs a lot of sun to bloom
Cherry2 yr1Bare root3-4'3-4 yr5 yrYesNo
Currant2 yr2Bare root10-12"2 yr4 yrNoNoShrubby plant/containers 
Elderberry2 yr2Bare root10-12"2 yr2 yrNoYesFruit eaten cooked only
Fig1 yr14" pot4-6"3 yr5-7 yrNoNoLarge containers
Goji Berry1 yr14" pot4-6"2 yr4 yrNoNoLarge containers
Gooseberry2 yr1Bare root12"2 yr5-7 yrNoNoThorny
Grape1 yr1 or 2Bare root8-12"3-4 yr4-5 yrNoNoNeeds an arbor
Honeyberry1 yr24" pot10"2 yr5 yrNoYesCollection 2 different var. 
Hops1 yr14" pot4-6"2 yr3 yrNoNoOnly female plants shipped
Kiwi1 yr24" pot10"3 yr5-7 yrNoYesCollection male & female
Jujube2 yr1Bare root2-3'3-4 yr5-7 yrYesNo
Lingonberry2 yr14" pot4-6"1-2 yr4-5 yrNoNoSimilar to a cranberry
Loganberry1 yr14" pot4-6"2 yr3 yrNoNoBlackberry/raspberry cross
Marionberry2 yr14" pot4-6"2-3 yr3-4 yrNoNo
Pawpaw1 yr24" pot12-18"3 yr5-7 yrYesYesCollection 2 different var. 
Peach2 yr1Bare root3-4'3-4 yr4-7 yrYesNo2 different var.
Pear, Asian2 yr1Bare root3-4'3-4 yr7-10 yrYesYesPear-like sweetness, Apple-like crunch
Pear, European2 yr1Bare root3-4'3-4 yr7-10 yrYesYes2 different varieties
Plum2 yr1Bare root3-4' 3-4 yr4-7 yrYesYes2 different varieties
Prunus maritima 1 yr1Bare root9-12"2 yr4-5 yrNoNoProduces better with two plants
Raspberry2 yr5Bare root12-16"2 yr3 yrYesNoIsolate from blackberry
Raspberry2 yr14" pot4-6"2 yr3 yrYesNoIsolate from raspberry
Rosa rugosa2 yr14" pot4-6"1 yr2-3 yrNoNoShrub 
Schisandra1yr14" pot4-6"2-3 yr4-5 yrsNoNolarge viney plant for part shade
Strawberry1 yr25Bare rootCrowns1 yr1 yrNoNoRemove runners 1st year
Strawberry1 yr14" pot3"1 yr1 yrNoNoRemove runners 1st year
Tayberry1 yr14" pot4-6"2 yr3 yrNoNoBlackberry/raspberry cross

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