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What are good companion plants?

You can view our full article on companion planting here. Below is a chart on allies and companions.

Companion Planting Chart

Here are combinations found to be beneficial over time from Todd Weinmann of North Dakota State University Agriculture Extension:

PlantPlant CompanionsPlant AlliesPlant Enemies
AsparagusBasil, parsley, tomatoPot marigold deters beetles. 
BeansBeet (to bush beans only), cabbage family, carrot, celery, chard, corn, cucumber, eggplant, pea, potatoes, radish, strawberry.Marigold deters Mexican bean beetles. Nasturtium and rosemary deter bean beetles. Summer savory deters bean beetles, improves growth and flavor.Garlic, onion and shallot stunt the growth of beans.
BeetsBush beans, cabbage family, lettuce, onion.Garlic improves growth and flavor.Pole beans and beets stunt each other's growth.
CarrotsBean, lettuce, onion, pea, pepper, radish, tomato.Chives improve growth and flavor. Rosemary and sage deter carrot fly.Dill retards growth.
CeleryBean, cabbage family and tomato.Chives and garlic deter aphids. Nasturtium deters bugs and aphids. 
ChardBean, cabbage family and onion  
CornBean, cucumber, melon, parsley, pea, potato, pumpkin, squash.Odorless marigold and white geranium deter Japanese beetles. Pigweed raises nutrients from the subsoil to where the corn can reach them.Tomatoes and corn are attacked by the same worm.
CucumberBean, cabbage family, corn, pea, radish, tomatoMarigold deters beetles. Nasturtium deters aphids, beetles and bugs, improves growth and flavor. Oregano deters pests in general. Tansy deters ants, beetles, bugs, flying insects.Sage is generally injurious to cucumber.
EggplantBean, pepper.Marigold deters nematodes. 
LettuceBeet, cabbage family, carrot, onion, radish, strawberry.Chives and garlic deter aphids. 
MelonsCorn, pumpkin, radish, squash.Marigold deters beetles. Nasturtium deters bugs and beetles. Oregano provides general pest protection. 
OnionsBeet, cabbage family, carrot, chard, lettuce, pepper, strawberry, tomato.Chamomile and summer savory improve growth and flavor. Pigweed raises nutrients from subsoil and makes them available to the onions. Sow thistle improves growth and health.Onions stunt bean, pea.
ParsleyAsparagus, corn, tomato  
PeasBean, carrot, corn, cucumber, radish, turnip.Chives deter aphids. Mint improves health and flavor.Garlic and onion stunt the growth of peas.
PeppersCarrot, eggplant, onion and tomato  
PotatoesBeans, cabbage family, corn, eggplant, pea.Horseradish, planted at the corners of the potato patch, provides general protection. Marigold deters beetles.Tomatoes and potatoes are attacked by the same blight.
PumpkinsCorn, melon, squash.Marigold deters beetles. Nasturtium deters bugs, beetles. Oregano provides general pest protection. 
RadishesBean, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, melon, pea.Chervil and nasturtium improve growth and flavor.Hyssop
SpinachCabbage family, strawberry  
SquashCorn, melon, pumpkin.Borage deters worms, improves growth and flavor. Marigold deters beetles. Nasturtium deters squash bugs and beetles. Oregano provides general pest protection. 
StrawberryBean, lettuce, onion, spinach, thyme.Cabbage.Borage strengthens resistance to insects and disease. Thyme, as a border, deters worms.
TomatoesAsparagus, carrot, celery, cucumber, onion, parsley, pepper.Basil repels flies and mosquitoes, improves growth and flavor. Bee balm, chives and mint improve health and flavor. Borage deters tomato worm, improves growth and flavor. Dill, until mature, improves growth and health. Once mature, it stunts tomato growth. Marigold deters nematodes. Pot marigold deters tomato worm and general garden pests.Corn and tomato are attacked by the same worm. Mature dill retards tomato growth. Kohlrabi stunts tomato growth. Potatoes and tomatoes are attacked by the same blight.
Cabbage Family (Broccoli, Brussels SproutsCabbageCauliflowerChinese CabbageKale, and Kohlrabi)Beet, celery, chard, cucumber, lettuce, onion, potato, spinach.Chamomile and garlic improve growth and flavor. Catnip, hyssop, rosemary and sage deter cabbage moth. Dill improves growth and health. Mint deters cabbage moth and ants, improves health and flavor. Nasturtium deters bugs, beetles, aphids. Southernwood deters cabbage moth, improves growth and flavor. Tansy deters cabbageworm and cutworm. Thyme deters cabbageworm.Kohlrabi and tomato stunt each other's growth.

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