Zone 8 Brassicas:

Due to overnight temperatures forecasted this week at our central Pennsylvania greenhouse, we will have to move out the shipping date for your brassica plants to ensure their health on their shipping journey. Your brassica plants will now be shipping out beginning the week of 2/26/2023. We sincerely apologize for this delay. Fortunately, your brassicas can be planted as soon as you receive them this season and you can rest assured that they will thrive in your garden.

We can be reached at 1-800-888-1447 or email us by submitting a ticket.

Our customer service team is now open at the below hours:

Monday to Thursday - 8:30 AM EST to 8 PM EST

Friday - 8:30 AM EST to 7 PM EST

Saturday - 9 AM EST to 5 PM EST

Sunday - 10 AM EST - 5 PM EST

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Do you have a quick reference for hydrangeas?

Yes, we do! Please see the below chart:


Name4" SKUGal SKUTypeSpeciesBloom ColorHeightSpreadZoneContainerpH SensitiveBlooms on old/new woodPruning
Smooth leafarborescensWhite36-60"48-72"3-9NoNoNewEarly spring before the new growth
PaniclepaniculataWhite36"36-48"3-8NoNoNewEarly spring before the new growth
Cityline Paris22668
Mophead macrophyllaPink12-36"12-36"5-9YesYesOldPrune right after flowering: late summer
Everlasting Revolution22247
Mophead macrophyllaPink to purple36-48"36-48"5-9YesYesOldPrune right after flowering: late summer
Fire Light20311
PaniclepaniculataWhite to red60-74"48-60"3-8NoNoNewEarly spring before the new growth

Pink to Purple-blue 

Smooth leafarborescensWhite48-60"48-60"4-9NoNoNewEarly spring before the new growth
Invincibell Spirit ll12066X
Smooth leafarborescensPink36-48"48-60"4-9NoNoNewEarly spring before the new growth
LA Dreamin21037
Mophead macrophyllaPink to purple46-60"60-72"5-10NoYesOldPrune right after flowering: late summer
Mophead macrophyllaPink36-48"36-48"5-9NoYesOldPrune right after flowering: late summer
PaniclepaniculataWhite48-72"48-72"3-8NoNoNewEarly spring before the new growth
Nikko Blue22421
Mophead macrophyllaBlue72"72"5-9NoYesOldPrune right after flowering: late summer
Pinky Winky23605
PaniclepaniculataWhite to hot Pink6-9'6-9'3-8NoNoNew
Puffer Fish23813
PaniclepaniculataWhite to Lime to Green60"60"3-8YesNoNew
Ruby Slipper21059
Oak Leaf

Tiny Tuff Stuff22671
LacecapeserrataPink and White20-24"20-24"5-9YesYesBothDon't prune, if you must, spring and wait for fall blooms
Zinfin Doll2256221801PaniclepaniculataWhite to pink72-96"72-96"3-8NoNoNewEarly spring before the new growth

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