Zone 8 Brassicas:

Due to overnight temperatures forecasted this week at our central Pennsylvania greenhouse, we will have to move out the shipping date for your brassica plants to ensure their health on their shipping journey. Your brassica plants will now be shipping out beginning the week of 2/26/2023. We sincerely apologize for this delay. Fortunately, your brassicas can be planted as soon as you receive them this season and you can rest assured that they will thrive in your garden.

We can be reached at 1-800-888-1447 or email us by submitting a ticket.

Our customer service team is now open at the below hours:

Monday to Thursday - 8:30 AM EST to 8 PM EST

Friday - 8:30 AM EST to 7 PM EST

Saturday - 9 AM EST to 5 PM EST

Sunday - 10 AM EST - 5 PM EST

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Do you have a quick reference for beans?

We do! Please see the below chart for comparative purposes:


NameSKUType DTMPod Size ColorHeight SpreadTrellisContainerSeed colorNotes
Asparagus Red Podded69300APole Asparagus7714"red60"12"yesnopinkbest picked at 12"
Asparagus Yardlong62190APole Asparagus8012"green60-108"12"yesnored/brownbest picked 18"

Big Kahuna62410ABush Snap5711"green24"18"noyeswhite/brown spotscan get top heavy
Big Mama61759aLima808"green96-120"12"

Blue Lake 27451086ABush Snap585-6"green15-20"10"noyeswhitegood canning type
Blue Lake 4757034ABush Snap586"green15-20"10"noyeswhitestronger taste and more tender
Burpee's Stringless Green Pod61630ABush Snap506"green12-18"10"noyesbrown
Contender68015ABush Snap555-6"green18-30"18-10"noyestan/brown
Desperado58710ABush Snap554-6"green12-15"26-29"noyesbrownheat tolerant
Dragon's Tongue50377ABush Shelling60-1006-8"yellow12-18"10"noyesbrown/dark spotsyellow wax with purple spots
Early Bush Italian56499ABush Filet505-6"green16-18"10"noyeswhiteflat pod Italian
Fin de Bagnol64905ABush Filet50-606-8"green15-20"10"noyesbrownharvest thin to prevent strings
Fordhook 24250930ABush Lima654"green15-20"10"noyeswhite3-5 beans per pod heat tolerant
French Filet56747ABush Filet565"green12-20"10"noyeswhitepick thin 3/8" wide or can get strings

Gold Mine50021ABush Snap555-6"yellow15-20"10"noyeswhiteyellow wax, high yield
Golden Wax60194ABush Wax55-604-5"yellow15-20"15-20"noyeswhite/brown eye
Kentucky Blue51474APole Snap657"green72-108"18"yesnowhitestringless heavy yield
Kentucky Wonder61820APole Snap657-9"green72-108"18"yesnobrownpick thin or could string
Lazy Housewife53530APole/Shell/Snap80-904"green8-9'24"yesnowhiteeat as snap or shelling
 Lima Burpee's Bush61754ABush Lima75 days3-4"green15-20"15-20"noyeswhite
Lima Fordhook 24250930ABush Lima654"green15-20"10"noyesPale green
Lima King of the Garden65770TPole Lima1104-7"green9-12'2-3'yesnotan
Mascotte51970ABush Snap50-554-5"green20"24"noyeswhite
Mellow Yellow68020TBush Wax606"yellow12"12"noyeswhite
Monte Gusto52170APole Wax70-805-9"yellow45-70"25-30"yesnobrown
Porch Pick55380ABush Snap555"green18"36"noyeswhitebest for containers

Purple King61240APole Snap755-6"purple48-72"18"yesnotanpods turn green when cooked
Purple Queen56176ABush Snap527"purple15-20"10"noyesbrownpods turn green when cooked
Roma ll55103ABush Italian534-5"green15-20"10"noyeswhiteflat pod Italian
Scarlet Runner52696APole Shelling70-1078"green72-108"12"yesnobrown & blackornament red flowers 
Seychelles60690APole Snap556"green84-108"10"yesnolight green
Soy, Chiba Green Organic52275

Stringless Green Pod61630ABush Snap506"green12-18"10"noyeslight brownresistant to powdery mildew
Three Color Bean69005A
50-604-6"green purple yellow15-20"10"

Trionfo Violetto61147APole Snap60-727"purple70-108"18"yesnotanturn green when cooked
Triomphe de Farcy 52688ABush Filet483-6"green15-20"10"noyesbrownsome seeds white
White Half Runner62273APole Snap604"green18-2416"yesnowhitealso called Greasy Bean pod is smooth

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